The THX certified 25-seat screening room features a 15-foot screen, a NEC HD4K D-cinema DLP Projector, and M&K MPS-2510P studio monitors arranged in a twin-setup configuration with ITU-5.1 suitable for home video/television, as well as a standard cinema configuration. When not in use as a mixing environment, the console recedes into the floor to provide unobstructed viewing for relaxed screenings in ultra hip style.
Our comfortable, sound treated editing suites provide a quiet light-controlled environment for critical evaluation of sound and color. Our Sony HD monitors are calibrated before each business day ensuring the most consistant color reproduction for precise Color Correction and Mastering.

FACILITY WIDE SWITCHING CAPABILITIES: Switch Studios is wired to allow for any I/O signal or computer to be patched to any editing room in the facility, allowing for optimum flexibility to adjust to client needs as they change and evolve.

TWO EDIT POINTS are available in the architecturally unique day-lit Round Room. Perfect for graphic design, animation, and assistant editorial functions that do not require rigid control of ambient light, this airy environment is a refreshing change of pace from traditional “dark box” edit suites.

THE BRIGHT, OPEN SHOOTING KITCHEN is equipped with modern appliances designed with professional and celebrity chefs in mind. A catwalk over the presentation area facilitates unobtrusive lighting and shooting during food preparation. The large open lobby provides ample room for multiple cameras, crew and live audience.